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Is Hacksaw Ridge based on a true story?

Hacksaw Ridge is the true story of an American corporal soldier from World War 2, Desmond T. Doss, awarded twice for his actions in Okinawa, Philippines, and Guan. He saved many people on the war land, estimated around -75. acting on his own, He was the only conscientious objector who refused to carry a single weapon on the battlefield. hence, awarded for Medal of Honor, Bronze Star Medal, and Purple Heart, for his smart actions that saved several lives.

About the movie “Hacksaw Ridge”

In 2004, a documentary was released on the life of Desmond T. Doss, titled “The Conscientious Objector”. A Conchie receiving the MOH (Medal Of Honor) with regard to World War 2, directed by Terry Benedict and written by Terry Benedict and Jeff Wood. The documentary shows the actual life lived by Desmond Doss, his thought process, and how he lived as a peaceful man and never once on the battleground, he touched a weapon, save his battalion and countless lives. “The Conscientious Objector” shows the life story of Desmond T. Doss, through the eyes of his close friends and family.

The Movie “Hacksaw Ridge” is a historical war film Directed by Mel Gibson, written by Robert Schenkkan and Andrew Knight is based on a Documentary called “The Conscientious Objector”. This is the story of an American Soldier Desmond Thomas Doss, who was also known as the Conscientious Objector. The actor Andrew Garfield, also known popularly for Spiderman, gave an astounding performance in Hacksaw Ridge as Desmond Doss. he was also nominated for the Academy Award Nomination for Best Actor. The movie features Luke Bracey (Smytty Ryker), Vince Vaughn (Sergeant Howell), Teresa Palmer (Dorothy Schutte), and Sam Worthington (Captain Glover) in supporting roles.

Desmond Thomas Doss, a man of his word

Desmond Timothy Doss was brought up in a violent environment since birth in Lynchburg, Virginia. There was a time when Doss as a child nearly killed his brother while playing, since then as a Seventh-day Adventist, he pledged to never resort to violence again. Things became a lot tougher in his life since the day he joined the US Army to fight in World War 2, in his beginner training in South Carolina, he became a target among his comrades for not carrying a weapon, he was also called a terrorist who doesn’t have it in him to kill his country’s enemy. Even his senior commanders tried to discharge him from his duties as a soldier saying he was mentally ill, but failed. Desmond T. Doss fought in the front lines of the combat medic route, 77th Infantry division, and denied any firearms. Getting up to this point without any weapon was indeed full of difficulties, his own commanding officers and his platoon were against his choices and yet he chose to stick to his rules and went on further without carrying a single gun or any weapon. He did not shoot or kill any living soul but saved many of them.

Hacksaw Ridge is a dynamic film in every way, it will take you to the times of war seventy years back and you will see the realist-designed scenes of death, blood, cruelty, war, religious conflicts, National Conflicts, and so on. It will take you to the times when history was made in the battles of Okinawa by an ordinary man who refused to kill in order to survive, without any weapon in his hand.


Released on 16 Oct 2016, the movie has done a fantastic job, the Sound, Camera, Direction, and Acting done by the star cast are just beyond exquisite and do justice to the character of Desmond T. Doss. The Sound and acting in the movie has done a fantastic job. The Cinematography and editing deserve 10/10 points. A seventy-year-old true story yet a bit dramatized for the sake of entertainment.

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