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Who is still alive from “I love lucy”?

Starring Lucille Ball the show was Based on situational comedy (sitcom). I Love Lucy was a hit and most popular American show of the time between 1951 to 1957. The series won 5 Emmy awards between 1953 and 1954. The Best Actress award to Lucille Ball, 1956, and the best situational comedy award.

Lucille Bell and his real-life husband Desi Arnaz, as the show’s husband and wife – Lucy Ricardo and Ricky Ricardo won people’s hearts with their funny dialogues and expressions. The show was most popular and controversial at the same time. Being the viewer’s favorite show even after almost 60 years of ending, it doesn’t cease to amaze how well the team and cast managed to portray real-life situations to reel life.

Who is still alive from the show I Love Lucy

  • Being “I Love Lucy” the 19s show, Almost all of the actors in the show have passed away, including the star cast 
  • Lucille Ball( Lucy Ricardo ) – 6 Aug 1911 to 26 April 1989
  • Desi Arnaz( Ricky Ricardo ) – 2 March 1917 to 2 Dec 1986
  • Vivian Vance( Ethel Mertz ) – 26 July 1909 to 17 Aug 1979
  • William Frawley( Fred Mertz ) – 26 Feb 1887 to 3 March 1966

The only actors still alive from I Love Lucy

The show “I Love Lucy” went off around 60 years ago and the main actors including Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz the husband and wife and Vivian Vance, William Frawley the star cast of the show have long passed away. The only cast member of the show who played Little Rickey is still alive.

Enrique Alberto Ricardo IV is the child character of the show “I Love Lucy”. Lucille Ball’s real child is the child character of the show since his birth. The child actors of the character Alberto Ricardo IV also known as Little Rickey in the show are still alive and middle-aged, Keith Thibodeaux played Little Rickey in the show, or we can say he played one of the Little Rickeys cast during the show aired. Little Rickey was played by 6 different child actors out of which one was Keith Thibodeaux, two sets of twins, and one other child actor. Keith played a little older Little Rickey during the 6th and 7th seasons of the show.

More About the Show

I Love Lucy aired from 15 Oct 1951 to, 6 May 1957. The show was basically named after Lucille Ball and her real-life husband Desi Arnaz, the producer and cocreator as well, acted as the husband of Lucille Bell in the show. Lucy Ricardo and Rickey Ricardo lived in east Manhattan and relocated soon to the Connecticut Suburban. The show “I Love Lucy” centers on the lives of Ricky Ricardo and his wife Lucy Ricardo. The character Lucy Ricardo is forthright and outspoken and dreams of a life beyond the kitchen and wants to make her career in comedy, while her husband Rickey Ricardo thinks that a woman should be a homemaker and be in the kitchen only. Lucy gets in trouble every now and then looking for a way out of her daily life and trying to do something new and her husband gets frustrated seeing Lucy continuously doing odd things. Rickey Ricardo’s all-time Spanish frustration makes the viewers laugh. 

The show “I Love Lucy” had an enormous fan base and massive liked show of the 1950s with Lucille’s major comedy talent rocking the show. Six seasons with half an hour show each.

The husband and wife loved each other and their household comedy won the hearts of its viewers. This show was something that everyone wanted in their homes.

The show took a new turn when Lucille became with child, the controversy on whether Lucy is really with a child or in the act was popularly in question for a long time. She was the first pregnant woman to have appeared on TV, as a pregnant woman. Lucille Bell’s real-life pregnancy was the talk of the town, One of the most controversial topics of the show was when Lucille Bell got pregnant, the show did not try to hide it rather the writers of the show added it in the storyline, yet the actual word pregnant weren’t allowed to air but the similar words like “with child”, “expecting a baby soon” were used in the show

Lucy scheduled his child’s birth on 19 January 1953, it was the most emotional moment for the viewers whether it was to be a boy or a girl. The whole of America waited for the moment of truth when the whole birth episode was broadcast that evening.

There was a Victorian proclamation between the 1850s to 1950s that couples sleeping on different beds were healthier and more modern than sleeping together on a double bed, it was popular at the time of the show that the couple shared different beds. Sleeping in the same bed was said to make one drained of energy which made a huge change in society as well.

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